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The tricky thing about lawn care is knowing how hard it is to maintain through the entire year. For some, we have to worry about all four seasons. There is frost, leaves, re-seeding and about 20 more things to worry about. For the majority of us, this is the headache we face. I had heard of a lot of products out there claiming to do the same thing, so I tried a few of them out and while I had a great experience with quicklawn .com I wanted to see how well it worked for other people since I live in the midwest and I know grass grows different in the northeast, the south, and the west. Here were the responses I got on quicklawn .com -

"My quick lawn reviews answer is thisÖ I love the stuff. I live in Kentucky, where the blue grass grows, and despite what many think itís hard to keep a nice lawn around here. From the first days as a new homeowner until now as an older father, I have grown increasingly fond of a good lawn. The trouble is that there is a serious issue with lawn care cost and also there is a lot of time involved in doing it yourself. Iíve always been one to look for the most effective and environmentally friendly solution. From time to time, I like to think there may be a product come out that isnít as bad as some of the other stuff you might see out there. In fact, I like thinking there might be a true miracle product. Iíll tell you one thing though... miracle grow definitely isnít it, despite itís name. I first tried quicklawn .com a couple years ago and not only was my grass greener within 7 days, but also Iím finding out that itís looking better now than ever after about 3 full years of usage. I was looking at old pictures of the lawn from last summer and noticing that thinkg keep getting fuller and well... a little bluer. I know most would expect me to say greener, but again I live in Kentucky where the Blue grass grows. The bluer the better. Thanks to this product, my grass is blue as ever, but also happy as ever. " - Tom from Kentucky

"Iím a second grade teacher and mother of 2 without a lot of extra time on my hands. In fact, every time I have an extra hour or two, itís spent studying for my PhD so I can become the Principal at a school at some point. Without the time, itís hard to keep up appearances. Itís hard enough to find time to buy makeup, let alone worry about lawn care. I saw a sight about quick lawn reviews and they recommended quicklawn .com. I figured, why not at least give it a shot. It canít hurt considering all of my grass is pretty much dead right now and I just donít have the time or money to pour into new sod or reseeding. I did a once over with the stuff right after mowing and found that it really helped the over all look and was totally safe. Safety is key for me for several reasons. I also have a dog that I donít want eating dangerous pesticides and with the 2 kids playing in the yard itís important that they are not mixing around with dangerous things. I also have to be sure that Iím setting the right example so that when the time comes for my kids to ask me what I did to make the grass green, I give them the most effective and healthy answer I can. It may sound silly, but itís these little decisions that make a person great. Iím glad Iím helping while having a fantastic looking lawn. From time to time, I like to just go outside and take a nap in my lawn. Thanks to quicklawn .com I can do that now without crabgrass ruining things for me." - Stacy from Massachusetts

"I just donít have the will to spend hours on lawn care every week. I own a business and have a little extra time on my hands but donít want to spend it on my lawn. Luckily I discovered quicklawn .com a couple years back and itís the perfect lazy manís option. I am not one to brag, but I do have the nicest lawn on my block which is hilarious since I also put in the least effort. From time to time, I like to lease messages on my neighborís doorsteps to remind them that there are lawn care products out there that will make their lawnís look a lot better. I see them rushing off to the store to get these products. Theyíre spending hundreds when they could of just used quicklawn .com." - Darrell from California